Legal advice

The lawyer-client relationship begins with the first consultation, during which we have the opportunity to get to know each other and your case and it is also the opportunity to build trust, which is essential for an effective cooperation. With our extensive profile, we are at your disposal in numerous areas, you can ask us for advice in civil, labor, corporate, family, compensation and privacy matters.


Legal representation

First and foremost, we strive to avoid having to sue, since it is often lengthy, costly, and in many ways exhausting and burdensome. Let us try to settle your case out of court, let it be our goal! In addition, if litigation is mandatory or you are already being involved in litigation, we will, of course, assist you.


Legal audit

Within the scope of our legal audit service, at your request we visit your company and spend one day – or more, if necessary – to get to know your company, your colleagues, your credentials, and your day-to-day operations to assess your company’s legal needs. By this service, we focus in particular on labor law, corporate law and data protection issues, but we also review your agreements with your partners to meet the specifications of your company.


Legal documents in Hungarian and English languages

This is an absolutely personalized classic legal service we can provide you with. We countersign your statements and commitments. This service typically includes agency contracts, property sales contracts, deeds of gifts, settlement of matrimonial property and agreements of children’s custody, and documents relating to the formation, modification or termination of the company, where we assume responsibility for obtaining the most favorable legal position under applicable law.



Our office has extensive experience in the field of data protection, and we are committed to assisting you and your business with data protection procedures in accordance with applicable domestic and EU regulations, either by revising or developing your existing data protection system.


Representation before the European Court of Human Rights

If you believe that you have personally and directly been a victim of a violation of the rights and legal safeguards of the European Convention on Human Rights, we will represent you in court in Strasbourg against the State of Hungary.